The Non-Profit Coalition

Board Boot Camp


We appreciate everything that volunteers and non-profit organizations do for our communities.  Unfortunately, volunteering as a board member, director, or manager of a tax-exempt non-profit organization isn't as simple as it sounds.

Our workshop on the basics of non-profit administration is valuable to anyone who volunteers at a non-profit organization.  Some topics that we discuss during the workshop include:

  • The legal differences between for profit and not for profit organizations
  • Board members, officers, and manager's roles, authority of decision making, fudiciary and ethical responsibilities, and liability
  • Decision making, committees, and good governance
  • Understanding your non-profit organization
  • Several other topics with interactive Q&A sessions


This 3 hour workshop will be scheduled regularly by The Non-Profit Coalition, is available to be sponsored by your organization, or is also available to be presented directly to your organization or board of directors.  Please contact Alma or Hal (866) 737-4944 for scheduling and availability.

(date to be announced)


By invitation  Board Boot Camps may be arranged for your organization. Call Alma or Hal at 866-737-4944 or email alma or if you have questions.

BY INVITATION ONLY (To be announced)